Rising above the competition!

Utilizing aerial cinematography and 3D technology, we provide a truly interactive experience for viewing Motor Yachts across the globe.

Aerial profiles & 3D models provide an immersive experience, allowing prospective buyers and charter customers the ability to fly though and around the interior & exterior of any affiliated Motor Yacht. 

Our interactive marketing platform is a tailor fitted, industry specific, end to end lead capture solution that enables a user to navigate through the interior and fly around the exterior of any affiliated Motor Yacht on one platform. Users can then fill out contact forms and access any industry specific information, streamlining the lead capture process.

Westport 130'

Whether selling or chartering a yacht, Aerial Look's Yachting package changes the game. No longer is a helicopter needed to capture vivid shots of a Motor Yacht. 

Aerial Look's Yachting Package Includes:

  • Professionally Edited, 2 Minute Video  
  • 360' Exterior Profile
  • 3D model of the interior including all decks and engine room.
  • Hi Def Still Images 
  • Navigate Freely Throughout
  • Video Game Like Experience 
  • 3D & 2D Hi Def Images
  • Precise Measurements
  • Change Colors & Add Furniture 
  • Exterior Aerial Profile 
  • Destination profiles for charters. Includes aerial profile of each destination that a Motor Yacht will visit. 

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